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Anatomy of Typography by YordanH Anatomy of Typography :iconyordanh:YordanH 357 28 Dreamer by hexdeflective Dreamer :iconhexdeflective:hexdeflective 2,838 367
Nothing More Perfect
Two lives so apart
But I'll never forget
There's nothing more perfect
Than the day that we met.
I still feel the scars
But love you all the while
There's nothing more perfect
Than the way that you smile.
You blush when I'm near
But you cannot disguise
There's nothing more perfect
Than the glow in your eyes.
Because of your friendship
I finally see
There's nothing more perfect
Than what you did for me.
:iconmayastoso:mayastoso 111 58
Walking blindly
on paths unlit
To turn back,
run away
perhaps the better choice.
Always easier
to give up,
let darkness consume.
A mere caged bird.
Freedom, a myth.
Break the chains
Defy your mask
Renew reflections
Idle be not
Look to the sky
Spread your wings
and take flight.
:icondsteffi:DSteffi 20 5
Let Me Introduce You To Myself
I'm a combination of sad songs
that you play 'til you can't cry anymore,
a steady beat that lasts all night
I'm organized chaos on an eventless Thursday afternoon,
a little girl who wants to be 8 again,
someone searching for herself
I'm a rusty paperclip holding your life together
I'm a phone card, a sea shell and a black + white drawing you've forgotten on your desk
I'm a poem written at 1 o'clock in the morning
and the hall light you left on all day
I'm a charm bracelet to remind you of all your favorite things,
a dusty old guitar in your closet,
an upbeat song to keep you going
I'm a studded plaid skirt you grew out of 3 years ago,
a movie you've seen 50 times already
I'm a rainbow-colored knee sock you gave to charity
(and they're wondering where the other one went)
I'm a plastic surgeon's insturment,
a bag of trail mix,
a river overflowing in June
I'm not found in the dictionary
and I can't be defined by my clothes
A haiku is simply not long enough,
so here are a few metaphors
:iconslowlydying:Slowlydying 4 19
this thing called art is really dangerous by agnes-cecile this thing called art is really dangerous :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 15,402 602 RANT by xyphid RANT :iconxyphid:xyphid 6,990 1,463
What We Need
I think you're Beautiful.
:iconchelopera:ChelOpera 466 341
She had never thought of herself as broken
She had never thought of herself as broken,
as missing, as unfinished, as incomplete.
She used to think she was complete, accomplished;
her flaws hidden, her heart healed and soul varnished.
Her Creator had made her independent -
she did not need her "other half" to be whole.
When he left, a cold hand wrapped around her heart;
she ached, trapped under the weight of missing him.
She craved his presence, his arms around her waist,
his hands in her hair, his eyes locked on to hers.
She realized she'd simply been fooling herself -
He was her "other half", a 'yin' to her 'yang'.
She had never thought of herself as broken,
until feeling broken was all she had left.
:icongirlundefined:GirlUndefined 58 22
Who needs friends?
A good enemy is better than a best friend
A good enemy can't betray
A good enemy won't go away
A good enemy will be there at the end
A best friend will fail
A best friend tells you what to think
A best fiend pushes you to the brink
A best friend will bail
A good enemy pushes you forward
A good enemy tests your steel
A good enemy makes you real
A good enemy seeks no reward
A best friend makes demands
A best friend always judges
A best fiend holds grudges
A best friend won't withstand
With an enemy you know they hate you
With a friend you are not sure
To an enemy you can be true
When they run you through
It won't be from behind
A friend won't just let it end
Tell you they never liked you
Every story you tell they bend
Every wound you mend
They inflict two more
With enemies like these  who needs friends
:icontfxman:tfxman 2,238 797
Needs Fire
Something is silent about this place.
I hear my breath going short of my face.
Perhaps it's my mind, so loud.
Finding every piece of the moments I was proud.
Memories are fun to smile about.
We could laugh so hard we nearly shout.
I feel another heart blinded from attention,
Aching and wondering, why won't they be mentioned?
I admit that I am a fool,
Bright and warm when it's dense and cool.
But who keeps the fire going?
And feeds the fire with enormous loading?
It's the one, who's artfully trained,
That stubborn and strong with their brain.
Something is silent and far from living.
It needs a heart opened and giving.
Listen and hear.
does it
:iconbriicial:briicial 2 10
Friends? Who needs them....
I don't deserve a best friend 
Someone to know me inside and out
They always hurt me in the end... 
And somehow... I hurt them. 
I always lose my best friends.. 
It always ends in a fight.
And in the end we hate each other
And the silent treatment begins...
I'm tired of this cycle
Why can't I find someone decent?
Why can't I find my friend for life? 
Why do I always get fucked up in the end? 
But, in the end... 
I probably deserve this. 
I shouldn't get too close 
I shouldn't know them inside and out 
I should let them be, let them go. 
It hurts.... To see everyone else have a close friend.
Someone to call sisters or brothers. 
But I have to suck it up, and move on.
I don't deserve a best friend. 
:iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx:xXMedi-Viper-RoseXx 5 54
Lucifer Statue by bubble100 Lucifer Statue :iconbubble100:bubble100 3 5
Old soul
To have such an aged mind...
To have a young body...
To have a restless soul...
To have a cold golden heart...
To have a spirit of a child...
To have the thought speed of a adult...
To have a mind’s eye...
To have more than one thought process...
To have wisdom beyond your years...
To see the world with saggy eyes...
To look in the mirror and see a face of a youth with understanding...
To want no other but yourself worry...
To want the best for those who have raised you...
To want no pain for those you love...
To want to take the pain for them...
To watch over others for that reason...
To know they too must learn...
To know life before living it...
To know there is a catch to all...
To feel a hundred years old but to have been on this earth for 17 years...
To know this is not all there is to be...
To realize that you are barely done with twenty percent of life...
To realize you have yet to live a life...
To be me, mind, body, soul, to know that you do not know as much
:iconmagix39:Magix39 17 8
you're a hurricane
violent but so beautiful
reckless without care
:iconbunniay:Bunniay 8 4
you were
the smoke pouring out of her mouth,
(misty coils of a vague filth,
dancing to noir jazz, fading with each note)
smudged lipstick on the side of of her mouth,
and the little streak that crawled to her tooth
when she bit her lip in a supposed wonder,
and her eyes threw a faint film over themselves,
(like an elegant lady wraps a silk shawl around herself in a light breeze)
you had
the light feet of a dancer
whose calluses were hidden under tight shoes,
whose toes would arch like Nut over her children,
(and she or you would spin with the earth, holding her frame as if-
as if earth was something of mass, as if it had a shape to hold onto)
whose leg would stretch over her head,
her arms, long, pretty, snakes, her fingers curled, and her wrists tense
(her eyelashes were grazing her cheekbones,
her ballet whisking her like a beaten egg, and the laces of her shoes
caught on a rusty nail, which sliced her ankle open, a wince danced on her lips,
mocking her)
you sang
:iconjaani-androphile:jaani-androphile 190 67



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